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Create components after you need them, not before.

Stay in the flow

I’m working on an app design and every time I create a new element I think to myself: “Should I make this a component?” Master allows you to not worry about this. Stay in the flow and create components only after you need them.

No more “damn, should've used components

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Build systems

Compared to the native method, moving components with Master is safe and easy. Master can swap old local instances to the new library component without losing any overrides! If something goes wrong, you can undo the changes and try again.

→ Learn how to move components between files

Clone components to iterate effortlessly.

Iterate effortlessly

There are several plugins that can clone components, but Master not only saves all overrides in the instances when cloning a component — its flexibility also allows you to converge your iterative process back to one component after you finalize it.

Attach anything

To summarize: at its core, Master gives you the ability to turn anything into a component instance!

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